Anonymous asked: Can you post the link of the breakfast run video?

try here. (Not sure if it still works, I was told most of the videos in my index no longer do. Sorry)

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complacent-teens asked: I AM SO EXCITED YOU'RE BACK :)

Oh.. thank you!

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Anonymous asked: wait wait wait, the bk run video was shot the day before the shooting?

Yes. That’s what makes that video so eerie.

Anonymous asked: What car model did Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold drive?

If I remember correctly -

Eric; 1986 Honda Prelude
Dylan; 1982 BMW 320i 

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Anonymous asked: I'm very impressed about your knowledge of the event. How did you get so much information, what are the best resources do you think? I've done quite a bit of research but you seem to know a lot more. Also, I heard that the Burger King video was shot on 4/19/99. Is this true?

First off, thank you… I definitely appreciate that having spent much time on research. The best resources have been books and from conversing with other researchers as well as information from those who were there and knew E/D best. There is much to learn, and it takes time and extensive research, as you cannot believe everything you read.
     To your second statement, yes, that is the correct date for The Breakfast Run video. 

seasonscomeandg0 asked: I think it would be amazing to have a one on one conversation with Eric. I know it will never happen, but I feel like he has a lot to say & would carry a great conversation. Idk, maybe it's just me.

Oh, you most certainly are not alone.

Anonymous asked: This is the best Columbine related Tumblr ever. Thanks for all the info :)

Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you have link to full documentary?

Which documentary, friend?

Anonymous asked: How did Eric's nose get broken?

Please see this post.

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I have over 300 messages, so please forgive me if I do not answer yours right away. In advance, I apologize for the late correspondence and thank you all for your questions and confessions.

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*awkwardly says hello after being gone for so long*

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Anonymous asked: Why do you think they decided to kill themselves when they did? They probably could have gone around and found more people/killed more people or caused more mess with the pipe bombs they were carrying. Also, why do you think they decided to end it in the library?

It’s hard to say for your first question, and I’d love to write a longer post on it another time as I don’t have much of it at the moment. The fact that Eric’s nose was broken and probably hurt like hell, I can’t imagine he wanted to stay around much longer. Though, I do think that they decided to go back to the library in the end for the possibility that; major parts of their original plan had failed and most of the deaths occurred in the library, so they might have wanted to look back on what they had done. Another reason is that with the windows, they were able to look out into the parking lot where the cops were and see some of the chaos outside. Eric had said once that predicted he may die in a shoot out with cops. Which, they did shoot at, but not for long. Lastly, they may have thought that with all the students who had fled the cafeteria, that there would be a possibility that some of the students were still in the library.

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Anonymous asked: What is Eric Harris' adress?

His address was 8276 South Reed Street.

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